Can't bring up Control Center on IOS Appium

Map<String, Object> args = new HashMap<>();
    args.put("duration", 1);
    args.put("fromY", TestingMethods.getScreen().getHeight());
    args.put("fromX", 10);
    args.put("toY",  0);
    args.put("toX", 10);
    driverManager.getDriver().executeScript("mobile: dragFromToForDuration", args);

Testing on iPhone 6 Plus, version 12.4.8
I am trying to swipe up the control panel so I can tap on the airplane mode button to write tests for offline mode. But I can’t get the control panel to come up. I can swipe down and bring down the notification panel, but I can’t swipe up to bring up the control center. It swipes, but no Control Center comes up.