Cant click on element in ListView


I have an android APP with long setting screen.

I need to click on “Create or Edit Your Signature”. But its Not Clickable. Only the LinearLayOut (the father of this Text) is Clickable but i dont know how to found out the LinearLayOut. (the LinearLayOut dont have ID

thanks !

If you find the element using xpath, you can use xpath to obtain the parent object. Still, I’m rather surprised you can’t click on the element. My experience is that Appium clicks on the location of the element and it just works.

Thanks for your Answer ! can you show me example how to use xpath to obtain the parent object.?

The id of the text is : resourceId(“android:id/title”).text(“Create or Edit Your Signature”) I need the parent of this object

Tanks !

I am not an xpath expert, but this should suffice

element = appium_driver.driver.find_element(:xpath, “//*[@text = ‘Create or Edit Your Signature’]/…/”)

This finds an element with the desired text, and the “/…” provides the parent element

Without last “/” more correctly.

parent = appium_driver.driver.find_element(:xpath, “//*[@text = ‘Create or Edit Your Signature’]/…”)

grandfather = appium_driver.driver.find_element(:xpath, “//*[@text = ‘Create or Edit Your Signature’]/…/…”)

sorry for the late responseץ Thanks for the help. you helped me a lot

Thanks for the help :slight_smile: