Cant find a element on

im trying to find the element over the . but i could not i tried all types of xpaths but no luck . pls let me know if any one come across similar issue

xpaths i tried

xpath = “//[@resouce-id=‘com.irobot.home:id/table_row_text’]”
xpath1 = “//android.widget.FrameLayout/[@index=‘5’]

is the resource-id unique? Also are you sure the ViewPager resouce-id is ‘com.irobot.home:id/table_row_text’?
I got the impression the TextView (Number of Cleaning Jobs) before has also the same resource-id of the one selected on the screenshot.
if the resource-id is unique try this xpath = “//[contains(@resouce-id=‘com.irobot.home:id/table_row_text’]

if the resource-id is not unique there’s another option: xpath = “//android.widget.TextView[contains(@text=‘Number of Cleaning Jobs’]/following-sibling::android.widget.TextView”