Cant find element by driver.Swipe

Hello Com,

I am working with Appium since a while already and got a curious issue which I cant fix.

I am going to show you the code:

        noten.moveSeekBar("seekbarExam", 0, driver);
        noten.moveSeekBar("seekbarExam", 0.4, driver);
        noten.moveSeekBar("seekbarAssessment", 0, driver);
        noten.moveSeekBar("seekbarAssessment", 0.3, driver);
        noten.moveSeekBar("seekbarHomework", 0, driver);

and the function:

public void moveSeekBar(string id, double valueToMove, AppiumDriver<IWebElement> driver)
            IWebElement seek_bar = driver.FindElement(By.Id(id));
            int start = seek_bar.Location.X;
            int end = seek_bar.Size.Width;
            int y = seek_bar.Location.Y;

            TouchAction action = new TouchAction(driver);

            int moveTo = (int)(end * valueToMove);
            action.Press(start, y).MoveTo(moveTo, y).Release().Perform();

The Problem is that he finds the first element “seekbarExam” as he should, but neither the “seekbarAssessment” or “seekbarHomework”. It doesnt matter if I start with seekbarExam or one of the other.

Heres the error:

System.InvalidOperationException: The coordinates provided to an interactions operation are invalid. (InvalidElementCoordinates)

Any solution?

Thanks in Advance

hi. we do not know your android app :slight_smile: and thus without your feedback we do not know your IDs :slight_smile:

suggestion - share at your “driver.getPageSource()”