Can't find element with appium

I’m scripting for Android by using Java, Appium 1.8.1 , Android studio 3.4.1

My script is running very good on my first PC but when I pull it into my second PC, It’s have issue with finding element. Some element can be found but some cannot.

I manual to check element again by using uiautomatorviewer and it presents in uiautomatorviewer

I don’t know why is it? Can anybody face this issue before

I also upgrade appium to 1.13.0 but can’t resolve problem

Please help me since my first PC is broken and I can’t use it anymore

My script example

AndroidDriver driver;
AppiumDriver appDriver;		
public WebDriverWait wait;
int waitLimit = 60;		

  wait 				= new WebDriverWait(appDriver, waitLimit);