Can't find elements in Facebook Android since new app update

I’m using ruby and I’m making some test automation on Android Facebook App.
I was able to find element in my “wall” using the “content-desc” info of the elements.
But since a new update, the content-desc is empty for most of elements.
My goal is to find and click on link on the wall to open a webview in Facebook app.
Right now I have this when I look with UI Automator:

So it looks like I can find the element with its class ViewGroup. But when I make a find_elements and I’m looking for all element with class ViewGroup and I’m asking for the text, it’s always empty. I was expected that at least one text will be “Http://” like in the screenshot.
Command lines, where we can see that all text elements are empty:

I’ve made the test to click on all element and I see that element 9 is the one I want. But I’m unable to find it with a script because I can’t read its text or name, always empty…

So if you know a way to control this Facebook App, I will be very grateful !
Thanks a lot

Nobody automate the Facebook App on Android ?
Too bad :frowning:

@zered @Ericzered :

Why don’t you try driver.findElement(MobileBy.AndroidUiAutomator("new UiSelector().textContains(\"your text\")") – need to escape the double quotes accordingly.

This would probably help you.

Hi Eric,
Did you found solution for that, I’ cant too automate the android facebook app all I get is multiple empty android.view.ViewGroup with no text … did you found solution to select ViewGroup sub elements ?