Can't find elements

On landing page there is search field, after searching product, i cant find any elements, even there is displayed product, appium inspector still shows previous landing page elements, how i now on this search there is used : search_layout or search_suggestions_recycler_view, can someone help how to identify those elements

[AndroidUiautomator2Driver@655c (2f0a4e3a)] Calling AppiumDriver.getTimeouts() with args: [“2f0a4e3a-6a3c-4ceb-9f96-ca02bb3ec999”]

[AndroidUiautomator2Driver@655c (2f0a4e3a)] Responding to client with driver.getTimeouts() result: {“command”:3600000,“implicit”:0}

[HTTP] ← GET /session/2f0a4e3a-6a3c-4ceb-9f96-ca02bb3ec999/timeouts 304 3 ms - -


if you need more detailed logs, tell me and i will upload logs file.

You may try to use App Inspector from Android Studio…

do I need app project to try this?

No as I remeber.

Or you can create new android project in 2-3 clicks in Android Studio and open it each time needed.

with android studio app inspection we are able to see only database and networks, how i tried,

How i think this is appium bug/problem, is there any other tool maybe os something to check element of android app, this problem ihave is only here when i search products and it returns response, for example when i click product again everything is visible and fine

Try this out but it not maintained. It was working fine some time back.

Even I faced same issue with appium inspector. But when you refresh / or reconnect the session again, it will work fine. Try it once/