Can't recognize the back element in Waze

I’m Trying to click in the BACK BTN at the top left of the screen where it written Saverone but can’t recognize it,
The xml is here
And picture,

real ios 15.1

Thank you

try instead activate your app again:

// java
new AppDriver(driver).activateApp(String.valueOf(getDriver().getCapabilities().getCapability(IOSMobileCapabilityType.BUNDLE_ID)));

Thanks, @Aleksei,
What I did eventualy is to move the current app to the recent apps, than to swipe right so it will be at the center, than to swipe it up in order to close it, than select the latest app that is in the recent apps (the actual app I need).
So question why is the return BTN at the left up is not something I can see at the pagesource or at the inspector?

and also which dependency is the “AppDriver”? since the intellij try to offer me some dependency (I think he is not recognize it currect)

All problem in native XCUitest. Appium in most cases is just proxy. It is common problem on iOS that some elements not accessible.

Yes looks like, and about the option you suggest, is it new driver? what is it exactly? because if its new than I will have two drivers at the same time?

no option to suggest. if it element of your test app -> ask developer to make it accessible. any other - no way.

OK Good Idea, Thank you :):cowboy_hat_face: