Can't set value in date/time pickerwheel - iOS

Hi All,

I am having issues trying to set a value for date/time pickerwheels running on iOS 10 using Appium beta v 1.6.0-beta1. I am able to get the parent level DatePicker and see it has the correct number of children PickerWheels. I can getAttribute(“value”) and see the currently selected value but every time I try to do a sendKeys(value) nothing happens and I get the following error in the Appium server logs:

XCTRunner[93770]: Enqueue Failure: UI Testing Failure - Requested adjust to value ‘(
)’ which is not one of the possible values January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December for the picker wheel “September” PickerWheel

My code is as follows:

IOSElement picker = (IOSElement) driver.findElements(By.className(“XCUIElementTypePickerWheel”)).get(0);
String value = “October”;

I have tried different variations of strings and also tried setting simple time values, no luck with anything there. I tried with xpath and by class. And neither worked.


met same -

Thanks for the link, I’ll keep an eye on that!