Can't use find element by id on activity after pop up dialog and dismiss


I am using appium-desktop-windows 1.7.2 as appium server
my device is nexus 5x , version: 7.1.2
when the server try to run self.driver.find_element_by_id(“action_apply”).click()
can’t get id from finding element by id api.
before find element this id, I pop up one dialog using appium api
after dialog dimiss , everything is wrong ,you can’t get anything from find element by id and also you can’t find element by class ,becase it’s all return null.


Hello vanshu

Have you tried other locators like:


or maybe @iOSFindBy , @AndroidFindBy ?



You can try the patch fix i am using and its is not the permanent solution

I just relaunch the app after every dialog appears.

Code :

driver.runAppInBackground(“Time in seconds you want to keep app in background, i kept it 2 seconds”);

So code is