Checking HTTP traffic/API calls/Urls in Appium tests?


I was wondering if somebody has an idea how to check either:

  • general HTTP traffic
  • API calls (requests/responses)

within an Appium test ?

My basic idea was using a proxy, something like BrowserMob or LittleProxy, but maybe this is already to much. Basically after a specific UI interaction an API call is made with a ID I need to read.

Basically I only need to read an URL in the request maybe response…

Would be great if somebody has some ideas - thanks!

Best regards,


Were you able to get any leads on this? I am trying to do something similar.

Not yet. Maybe will have some time for that in the next weeks…

Hey, I asked this question on stackoverflow and was able to get some traction on how to do this. HTTP traffic is output in the android logcat and i think the iOS log as well. You can just parse the log data for what you need.