Chrome 54 version is not supporting Appium

Chrome 54 version is not supporting Appium, So how do i chang my chrome version to 53 in mobile?

chrome desktop program? if so you need to update the chrome driver

Actually, Appium does not support Chrome 54 version and all the tests that used to work on hybrid app, DO NOT WORK anymore. This is a blocker issue! When will it be fixed ?

No, Chrome on mobile devices.

A bug has been created already

you can download the v53 of Chrome from another phone using "adb pull ", then using adb install -r to re-install it to the affected phone.

Would it be possible to run gulp transpile and then npm i appium-chromedriver to get the latest version of the appium-chromedriver and then copy it to the appium node_modules directory?

Hi guys thanks for your suggestions.

As u guys 54 version is not supported. I have reinstalled the previous version i.e 53 and started working… :+1:

After we reinstall the previous version go to app manager in the device and disable updates.

Other lower versions of chrome apk can found in below link.

Suresh Jashti.

Thanks yhzs, i have downlaod 53v from below mentioned link, and its working… :+1: