Chrome browser Navigation Bar controls can not be controlled in NATIVE_APP mode

I’m trying to get this element in Chrome Browser for Android //*[@resource-id=“”]

I’m opening chrome browser and I’m switching the context to NATIVE_APP
Then I try to click on this id, but it always fails.
Then I’ve used driver.getPageSource() to get a list of all elements but the CHROME navigation bar controls aren’t listed in there.

My question is: Is there a way to control “More options” button in Chrome, then the rest like “Bookmark button”?



		AppiumDriver<?> driver = (AppiumDriver<?>)((EventFiringWebDriver)getDriver()).getWrappedDriver();
		Set<String> contextNames = driver.getContextHandles();
		for (String contextName : contextNames){
		driver.context((String) contextNames.toArray()[0]);

try split problem into:

  1. did element found before tap and has correct location?
  2. does tap/click happens? enable in developer menu show touches

try also another approach :slight_smile: -> open chrome as native app! instead of as browser (although this will need another approach how to enter URL). for example i am closing all tabs in some case like:

myApp().homePage().waitHelpers.waitElementsLoaded(""), 10);

Hi @Aleksei,

in this morning I’ve run my script, one more time, and this time I was able to click on




printed all the elements from NATIVE_APP correctly.

For the past few days, I wasn’t able to make it work but today it did. Due to your reply, my problem got magically solved. :grin::v:

Thanks and Cheers!