CI/CD process with Appium.. please need suggestion

Am new to appium and need help on appium to setup CI/CD pipeline for my project… please help me

start from jenkins first or what CI you need?

I started with jenkins.

I need help with process and sample code to go and setup my automation script to run on each new build created.

next part or questions:

  1. what you going to test iOS/Android?
  2. do you have slave machines to configure or you going to execute on same machine where Jenkins is?
  3. how you going to put test builds? Do you build also with Jenkins your test builds?


1-I am going to test Android app.
2- I am going to run on the same machine where jenkins is installed.
3-As part of build we have three build generated as of now, Signed APK, debug apk and release one.
So I am planning to take one and test them. Please let me know if I need to generate one more build for testing specifically for automation.

first step:

  1. write your tests as you do without CI
  2. run your test in command line and check that it is working

Sure thanks. I did one flow and its running from eclipse fine.
if you want me to run same from cLI then will do that and see how it works …thanks so much

first you should make it run from command line! without eclipse.