CircleCI and Appium?

Just curious if anyone out there has ever successfully gotten Appium to run on Android using Circle CI and wouldn’t mind sharing how they did it. I’ve got my iOS tests running fine, I am just running in to a problem where I get an error that the connection is refused on the localhost address when it finally kicks off.

Hi brianrichardson , I’m trying to run Appium on Circle CI for iOS . Can you share additional details on how you where able to run.


I am also trying to get iOS testing through xcode to work on CircleCI with a linux build. Any more information on this?

Any news about appium and circleCI?

By the way, this being a CircleCI-ish topic, is there a related thread/post in CircleCI forums about this? Would be good to cross-reference each other the posts for folks to get the info they need.

If not exist, may want to cross-post on CircleCI forums.

Hey All,

Do anyone get any chance to successfully get this task done … Any reference,help, Video,website related to this topic is really helpful . .