Clear app data - iOS

Hi guys,

I’m experiencing a minor setback when trying to clear my app data to start a new test. When using an Android driver, resetApp() works just fine, but for iOS it just seems to close the app and launch it again, without actually clearing the data. The catch here is that I can’t use removeApp() because the device farm tool I’m using does not allow me to install the app manually (or via capability).

I’ve tried to set combinations of noReset=true/false, fullReset=true/false, still nothing…

Any ideas?

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Unfortunately there is no possibility to clear app data on ios devices without reinstalling it

as workaround for your case ask iOS dev to accept flags on app start and sending ‘reset’ flag add feature in client to reset it data (we use same approach with enable/disable any feature flag for app).


Just set no_reset = false, then you can use resetApp() method

@lcsferrari you got any solution for your problem?

no this does not help

2022, still facing this issue( any ideas?
I do not want to do the driver.quit as is proposed here (
while then i will release the phone on the mobile farm and need to wait the whole cleanup time till it will be taken with driver.start…