Click command is performing action twice on iOS after upgrading from iOS 12.4 to iOS 13.1.2

Hi Guys,

I am noticing an issue while running my tests on latest iOS version (iOS 13.1.2) with the click and send keys command on one particular page. To brief the issue, I am calling a “driver.findElements(“element_ID”)).click()” command once to perform the click operation on the element but in the UI it is performing the operation twice i…e.; it is clicking on the same element twice. Below is the response which I got for the click command

[HTTP] ← POST /wd/hub/session/0cffc75e-2630-4851-bd85-a1b6a312667f/element/02030000-0000-0000-9002-000000000000/click - - ms - -
[HTTP] → POST /wd/hub/session/0cffc75e-2630-4851-bd85-a1b6a312667f/element/02030000-0000-0000-9002-000000000000/click
[HTTP] {“id”:“02030000-0000-0000-9002-000000000000”}
[W3C (0cffc75e)] Driver proxy active, passing request on via HTTP proxy
[debug] [XCUITest] Executing command ‘proxyReqRes’
[Xcode] t = 295.71s App animations complete notification not received, will attempt to continue.
[debug] [WD Proxy] Got response with status 200: {“value”:null,“sessionId”:“4F763F99-8311-4F2C-A0FB-C3AF1C2266D8”

The desired capabilities are:
Appium Version is 1.15.1 and
Xcode Version is 11.1

“appium:acceptSslCerts”: true,
“appium:platform”: “IOS”,
“platformName”: “ios”,
“appium:webkitDebugProxyPort”: 57220,
“appium:webkitResponseTimeout”: 50000,
“appium:autoAcceptAlerts”: false,
“appium:autoWebview”: false,
“appium:automationName”: “XCuiTest”,
“appium:bundleId”: “com.myApplication”,
“appium:deviceName”: “iPhone8_73e25be3bc00bb2e778521413407086eba91a264”,
“appium:fullReset”: false,
“appium:newCommandTimeout”: “2000”,
“appium:noReset”: true,
“appium:platformVersion”: “13.1.2”,
“appium:showXcodeLog”: true,
“appium:startIWDP”: true,
“appium:udid”: “73e25be3bc00bb2e778521413407086eba91a264”,
“appium:useNewWDA”: false,
“appium:wdaLocalPort”: 57221


Attaching the complete logs.

log.txt (81.1 KB)