Click is happening some other place on Cart ICON in MSITE from appium code - Chrome browser

I am trying to click on cart icon on top right corner from Appium in chrome browser mobile.

Code to click :



Note: Please open this URL in mobile device and verify.

Error : Code is clicking somewhere else on mobile device.

Thank you in Advance.

Sorry, but i dont see the cart icon in this siteā€¦ the URL is correct?

@Sagar_Khalasi there are 2 carts:

first when open page:

<a href="/rv/viewcart" class="_3NH1qf"><img src="..."></a>

second when scroll down -> header will be updated and cart will change to:

<a href="/viewcart" class="_1iILZ2"><div><img src="..."></div></a>

so did you scroll down before trying to you click?