[Click on android native alert cause element to be "not found"]

appium 1.6.4-beta 6, java client latest beta, intelij, Windows 10, android native app:

  1. Using XPath to identify and click on the alert = success
  2. Now trying to click on valid button with xpath / id = element not found exception.
  3. If alert isn’t shown, the button is found and clickable
    Appium bug because I didn’t switch to other view, why after clicking on alert (regular click with xpath)
    My elements can’t be found?
    Those elements has id, xpath, class name, text, and so on…

I am having the same problem:

Appium app 1.5.3, Appium server 1.6.3, Android Studio 2.3.1

@jblaze more details:

  1. when alert appears
  2. what alert asking - permission?
  3. what did you try?