closeApp() call doesn't always close the app

I am using AppiumDriver.closeApp() to close my app running in the simulator. It doesn’t always work. (There is no relevant server log output.)

This should be filed as a bug on the issue tracker so it gets investigated & resolved.

In a post from JessicaSachs, she wrote that driver.quit() should close the app and added:

“You should not need to use driver.closeApp() first.”

closeApp() should put the application in the background. What is your concern? That driver.quit() doesn’t close both the simulator and the app?

I tested driver.quit() with python client and it does close the app and simulator as long as your appium server does not have the --no-reset flag set.

Neither closeApp() nor quit() closes the app, and neither closes the simulator.

I am indeed running my server without the --no-reset flag set.

--no-reset says not to reset, that’s why nothing is closing.

I’m running without the --no-reset flag

Ok. That’s a bug then. I suggest opening an issue and posting the full server logs.

My bad. I am making the driver.quit call from the method annotated @AfterClass in my test class’s superclass. That doesn’t work - the method never gets called. I moved the @AfterClass annotation to my test class, and all is good!!!


in my case, login info is the precondition of other testcases, so I need set --no-reset to true. but i also need closeApp() to confirm the testcase start from the home screen .

I try to closeApp() with --no-reset set on windows and it works, but when execute on mac the app doesn’t exit to background.

is it possible to fullfill my situation with appium?

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