closeApp has been deprecated (iOS XCUiTest)

Appium version 2.1.3
I’m using python bindings, and since updating from 1.22 , trying to port more. All of the blogs and mystery code and frameworks in Java that people have used make no sense to me at all when it comes to what I need to do to call the driver with the new “mobile:” protocol .
I’m calling the Python driver.close_app() and get this error which I’m still struggling to find actual porting guidance on maybe because I’m not looking at the correct version of the Version 2 appium documentation to give me a clue as to how to terminate the targeted app?

I want to carry on using my old python client module for the time being as it’s super expensive to go through upgrading it as that will indirectly impact teams who do not use appium to drive selenium.

Alternative is terminate_app(). More here:

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