Code Coverage with Appium

I have a mobile automation project with Appium. Is it possible to get a code-coverage from the application under test ? For example, is it possible to calculate a statement coverage or decision coverage ratio ?
Thanks a lot.

Appium is a black-box testing tool. Coverage only makes sense for white-box tests or API tests

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I was also interested in achieving this. Even if Appium is a black-box testing tool, cannot be set XCode to generate the .xcresult (Logs/Test directory in the Derived Data path) for every time the app is run?
In this discussion ( this possibility is mentioned and successfully implemented for Appium ( I have tried to implement it but I did not succeed (it is an approach from 2013, maybe things might have changed since then in XCode…).

Do you think this approach might make sense? Do you know how to implement it?