Configuring new platforms

I have the latest version of Appium installed both on a Windows machine and a Mac. I’ve noticed that the latest platforms available in Appium for either Android or iOS are quite old compared to the latest platforms available in XCode and Android Studio.

How do I configure Appium to be able to test against virtual devices running more recent platforms?

you just need to install it using “npm”. install on mac and windows and do:

npm install -g appium
// or for some version
npm install -g [email protected]

I did install with npm on both Windows and Mac. Are you saying that 1.6.1-beta has more up to date platforms?

i am using 1.6.4-beta now.

Thank you. After watching a recent webcast, I noticed that there is a new GUI - appium-desktop, which seems to come bundled with 1.6.4-beta of the Appium server.

Using that GUI it became clearer that the platform dropdown on the old GUI is a bit misleading - you don’t need to select from the list, you can just type in a platform.

if you want to use the latest - drop using GUI. it will be always old comparing with command line version.

So, just use “npm update appium -g”?

What do you use for an inspector?