ConnectHardwareKeyword not working


I am using Appium Python Client to automate iOS hybrid application and I want to programmatically disable hardware keyboard before starting test. I searched on Internet and found that it can be achieved using ConnectHardwareKeyboard desired capability but it is not working.

ONe more observation - This capability is mentioned on the below page (Git page for Appium XCUITest):

but not mentioned on Appium Official Page:

Please find below the desired capability I am using:

desired_capabilities[‘platformName’] = ‘iOS’
desired_capabilities[‘platformVersion’] = ‘12.2’
desired_capabilities[‘deviceName’] = ‘iPhone 7’
desired_capabilities[‘newCommandTimeout’] = 6000
desired_capabilities[‘bundleId’] =
desired_capabilities[‘app’] =
desired_capabilities[‘automationName’] = ‘XCUITest’
desired_capabilities[‘autoWebview’] = ‘true’
desired_capabilities[‘connectHardwareKeyboard’] = false

Note: XCode Version is 10.2


This is known. The capability was working before, but since Xcode10 iOS Simulator started to ignore this setting and there is no other way to configure it.