Connecting androids and iOS to one MacMini vs having dedicated MacMinies for android and iOS

Can somebody share experience, how do you connect your androids and iPhones? Do you have dedicated MacMinies for each platform or you just connect androids and iPhones to one MacMini? We are having an issue with phones losing usb connection with MacMini time to time. We’ve tried both connecting via hubs and w/o them. So I figured maybe the issue is that adb and usbmuxd may conflict with each other in some way and there for it’s better idea to have dedicated MacMinies for each platform.

We have machines that host both Android and iOS devices, runs CloudBees and triggers jobs when a new RC is built. Not having USB connection issues, but we have set the Mac to never sleep, which I think can affect connectivity.

This is a pretty good article on reading the syslog and identifying USB device connections/disconnections. Might be worthwhile to see if there are any log entries that can point you in the right direction:

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