Connecting appium with virtualbox guest Android machine

Hello. First of all i would like to say that i am new to appium and automatic tests in general.
I always try to find solutions to my problems using google, but this time i had no success. If anyone can help me with my issue i would be extremely glad.

Here’s my issue:

I am testing an Android app. When i use physical device i have no problems, i run my tests and everything is fine.
Now i’m trying to run the same tests using a virtual Android machine instead of a physical smartphone. Unfortunately I have no idea on how to set up capabilities to connect with my virtual machine. So far everytime i am getting an error saying, that no connected devices was found.

My host OS is ubuntu 16.4.
My guest OS is Android 6.0.
My virtualbox version is 5.2.14.
Edit: My Appium version is 1.8.0.

Few more informations:

  • Appium runs on my host OS.
  • I have USB devices enabled on my guest.
  • Simple android emulator on my host OS won’t do the trick, because it doesn’t support bluetooth and the main functionality of the app i’m testing requires bluetooth connection. This is why i’m using virtualbox machine.
  • The app itself works fine on my guest OS. Bluetooth and USB devices work without any problems.

Is it even possible to somehow connect appium to a virtual machine? If so, can someone please tell me if i need any additional software etc? Is it possible to somehow ‘emulate’ usb connection between host and guest OS’s? Or maybe it’s just the matter of setting up right capabilities?

Please help me, becase i’m completely stuck right now. :slight_smile: