Connection to WDA Timeout - Error Message

Connection to WDA Timeout Error message is displayed in Appium frequently. Can you please let me now why is it showing this error message ? please find the attached screenshot.

Environment :

Appium - 1.13.0 version
(Desktop) Java-Client - 6.1.0
iOS - 12.1.4
Device - iPad Pro

Reconnect your device to a computer, then build again. Tap Trust on your Ipad.

try adding this capability


this will increase wait time of appium for new command to 300sec i.e 5min

I have reconnected device and build WDA from xcode but issue is not resolved. It is displayed same error message.

@PramodKarande : I have added above capabilities and tried but it is not working.

Automating iPad devices with appium is a hectic job. DOM of applications on iPad are always bulky. Appium dies whlie fetch DOM :sleepy:.
If automating on iPad is not your primary requirement then try with any other iPhone device.

@PramodKarande iPad is primary requirement, so I am trying to fix this issue.