Context cannot find webviews on 1.3.1 on iOS

I am unable to find webviews using context.

Set<String> contextNames =webDriver.getContextHandles();

wil give me


so even when i am on webview page, it is only showing nativeview and not showing other context such as webview or webview1.

I am using appium 1.3.1 and working on xcode 6.1 with iOS simulator 8.1, using appium client 1.7.0

Am i missing something? Someone please help.

Use AppiumDriver instead of WebDriver :slight_smile:

i am using appium client 1.7.0 which in essence means i am using AppiumDriver. If i was using webdriver i would be using window handles.

Any one facing this issue or can someone help me with this?

I was able to see the webview in the contexts, and then in-turn switch to it, on iOS 8.1 when I included platformVersion in the device capabilities, but not when I just let it default to it.

I’m having the same issue. Using appium 1.3.1 with Xcode 6.1 and iOS 7.1 and 8.1. I only see the NATIVE_APP.

Are you using WebDriver or AppiumDriver?

I am having trouble switching to context view “WEBVIEW_1” using appium
1.4.16 and the binding I am using is Java. I have searched on the
GitHub but the issue hasn’t been reopened

In the changelog it says it was fixed with appium 1.4.14 onwards and till 1.4.16 they are still doing it

My node version is 4.2.6 as I am running protractor instance also and the api I am using is 3.3.0

This is the code I amusing

>   Set<String> contextNames =AppiumHelper.appiumDriver.getContextHandles();
  for(String s: contextNames)
      System.out.println("Context is "+ s);

When run on IOS I get only native context

A lot of times this has been raised in different forums and if this is not fixed the main purpose of Appium is lost.

I have also tested the same thing on 1.5 beta via npm and I am still seeing this issu.

Can anyone help me on this

Hey guys!

Not sure if the best place where to post this, but suddenly I started facing an issue when executing the tests on iOS app and cannot find the WEBVIEW context. When I call the method Driver.Context/Contexts; I can see only NATIVE_APP. The same is happening on the MAC machine I’m using on the standalone Appium server, when I inspect the elements, on contexts section, no contexts are detected. I’m using Appium 1.5.3. Does anyone facing or faced this issue and have a solution or a tip on how to handle this?

Thanks in advance,

Right now I am facing same issue. For same application build, it is showing proper webview context list for my team mates but not showing for me. Here I am sharing versions.
Xcode - 13.4.1
iOS version - 15.4.1
Appium - 1.22.3
node - v16.17.0

Could you also share the software versions from the working machines? If you’ve got some that are working, and one that is not, it’s a setup issue. Comparing with a working one might show the problem.