Context switching does not work

Greetings! Tell me, please, if anyone has encountered. There is a hybrid application that is displayed in webview. If you use Genymotion, then I can switch the interface to webview (for example in Appium inspector) . If I use this application in Nox or Bluestacks, then there is no way to switch the context in Appium inspector. I tried to install different versions of chrome on the emulator, launching Appium using: apium --use-plugins=image --allow-unsafe loading of chromedriver_autodownload. If you open chrome itself, then in apium inspector there is an opportunity to switch the context in both Bluestacks and Nox.

I resolved similar issue launching the Appium server with:

appium server –allow-insecure chromedriver_autodownload

I’m use Appium 2.0 and Appium Inspector 2023.7.1