Continous streaming of mobile screen in appium inspector rather than still capture?

Presently in appium inspector we are able to see the still screen capture of the mobile device,when we change the mobile screen manually it does not reflect on the appium inspector automatically,we need to refresh the screen to get the updated screen.It would be more helpful if we can continuously stream the mobile screen to the desktop.Is this possible?

Edit: I guess you want the elements refreshed as well. The above chrome plugin just screencasts the android screen. With this approach it might be possible to create such tool.

I also have doubt about the outcome of the result you are expecting, because in case where your screen is sync with the inspector tool the locator will constantly change and you wouldn’t be able to grab the locator before it changes.

I’m not sure about your scenario, Can you explain a bit about it to understand how this feature would be helpful to you?

Hi pr4bh4sh,
My intention is to continuously stream the mobile screen to the appium inspector.So when ever i navigate through my mobile no need to refresh the inspector screen to locate the element.

Are there any tools or plugins which will continuously stream the mobile screen to the desktop?

No, I don’t have knowledge of any tools which can help you to achieve that.


you can raise an information issue here and ask for this feature.