Convert an .ipa to .app for testing with iPhone simulator

Hello everybody.
I’m having a problem when I try to test an app that I get in .ipa format with the iPhone simulator.
I have tried the method of renaming the .ipa to .zip and obtaining the .app from the payload folder, but it does not recognize it, and during the test it gives me the error:

Response code 500. Message: An unknown server-side error occurred while processing the command. Original error: Simulator architecture is unsupported by the ‘/Users/qa/eclipse-workspace/Appium/src/test/java/resources/’ application. Make sure the correct deployment target has been selected for its compilation in Xcode.

Do you know what I could be doing wrong? Is there any other way to try to achieve it?
Thanks in advance.

No, no. This will never work. You have to build the app with Xcode for Simulator. Here is some documentation from Apple. You need to have your Devs build the app for Simulator, or if you are the Dev you need to do it. Nothing to do with .ipa file at all. .app should be a separate artifact from build process specifically built for simulator.

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