CoreSimulatorBridge info message

Hi all. Need some help. Sometimes when I run tests with my IDE and it starts performing some action I get an info message ‘Paste from CoreSimulator Bridge.’ right at the top of my simulator(iPad Pro 4th gen, iOS 16.2) Is it possible to disable it somehow?

try disable Automatically Sync Pasteboard“CoreSimulatorBridge pasted from CoreSimulatorBridge”Copy and Paste Problems - 彼得潘的 Swift iOS App 開發教室 - Medium

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Thanks, Aleksei. It works. One small question - could this message block the execution of test cases? I couldn’t find any documentation about this. Also could not find this message in the DOM-tree, but it seems that it blocks the execution of some test cases.

It may overlap elements for some seconds.
I have same when notifications coming in our tests. In such case need increase wait time.

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Thanks a lot.Will try it.