Could not connect to server to Appium server

Iam using Appium-Inspector-windows-2024.2.2-x64 . I have allowed cors from advanced settings . Still when Iam trying to start the session Iam getting this error that

" Could not connect to Appium server URL ‘’. Please check if the server is running and the URL is correct (valid URLs can be found at the start of the Appium server log). If you are using the Inspector’s browser version, ensure the server has been started with ‘–allow-cors’."

These are my desired capabilities:

  "platformName": "Android",
  "appium:platformVersion": "13",
  "appium:deviceName": "Oneplus Nord CE2",
  "appium:automationName": "UiAutomator2",
  "appium:appPackage": "",
  "appium:appActivity": ""

These are my Appium server details


@ido_oserovitz can you please help me . Iam facing this issue from more than two weeks .

How you installed and start Appium server?

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Hi @Alekse I have installed appium from official github link .

I have used appium server GUI to start the server . with cors enabled in advanced settings
and then I have clicked on search icon in appium server GUI then it redirected to github link where I donwloaded appium inspector tool the I have connected my personal device and started the appium server using GUI and then I have navigated to appium inspector tool given the capabilities and clciked on start session

Hi @mykola-mokhnach I have tried this method by changing ip address to still Iam facing same error .

Hi Guys thanks for your time in helping me .

I have come through this link

where I have given capabilities

“appium:ignoreHiddenApiPolicyError”: “true”,
“appium:noReset”: “true”

Then it worked successfully .

@Aleksei @mykola-mokhnach Thank you so much for taking time in helping me .

uuuu. use terminal better to start it. And install Appium server without GUI with command line. You can later use BOTH as far as they install in different folders.

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I have used the terminal as you said and it worked . Sure I will make note of the alternatives which you have given . Thanks once again for taking time in helping me.