Could not find element

After Opening application I can not click on the patient data,Setting.
I have tried with
click_patientData = (AndroidElement) driver.findElement(“Patient Data”));
click_patientData = (AndroidElement) driver.findElementsByClassName(“android.widget.TextView”);
click_patientData = (AndroidElement) driver.findElement(By.xpath(“android.widget.TextView[@text = ‘Patient Data’]”));

click_patientData = (AndroidElement) driver.findElement(By.xpath(“android.widget.RelativeLayout[@index = 0]”));
click_patientData = (AndroidElement) driver.findElement(By.xpath(“android.widget.LinearLayout[@index = 0]”));

but patient data element not found.

Can you show us UIAutomater view, highlighting patient data element.

you should type // before (By.xpath(“android.widget.TextView[@text = ‘Patient Data’]”));
(By.xpath("//android.widget.TextView[@text = ‘Patient Data’]"));

if it is not working then maybe the identifier is wrong

In uiautomatorviewer only enable is true displayed.all others are false displayed.Is that a reason ?? element not found?

Due to clickable false element was not found?