Could not start a website in android emulator with capybara, appium, ruby

i try to open a website in chrome and native android browser (emulated Android 5.0 and 6) to check several items.
every time i run the test, the choosen browser get started and in the url field stays ‘data:,’ btw. the the actual tab is also loaded two times.

i know there is a way to do this with selenium webdriver, but this is not the right way for me because i used the followed code for several emulated devices to test this website and on ios/mac osx its working.
so why not on android. my way to test this website is with capybara, appium and ruby.

on ios there exists a
:safariInitialUrl =>‘
but not for android.
so, my question is: how is it possible to start my website on an emulated android devices without using selenium webdriver.


Capybara.register_driver :androidphone do |app|

capabilities = {
:deviceName => ‘nex5_5’,
:avd => ‘nex5_5’,
:browserName => ‘Chrome’,
:platformVersion => ‘5.0’,
:platformName => ‘Android’,
:automationName => ‘Appium’,

url = “http://localhost:4723/wd/hub

appium_lib_options = {
server_url: url

all_options = {
appium_lib: appium_lib_options,
caps: capabilities,
} app, all_options