Count number of text views under each relative layout

I am having a List of Linear Layouts . Now in each of these Linear Layouts there are many Relative Layout, though I only wanted the one at index 1.
So I did something like this:

List<WebElement> allFieldsInLayout = driver.findElements(By.xpath("//android.widget.LinearLayout[@resource-id='']/android.widget.RelativeLayout[@index='1']"));

Now the problem is this list of relative layout web elements can have varying count of textviews. Let there can be two textviews with relative ids textview1 , textview2.
Either both can be present or one can be present. If one is present then textview1 must be there. So i want to check corresponding to a web element from list, weather textview2 is present or not. In other words , I want to know How to check how many textviews are under each of the web element ?