Crash occurred while creating session in idempotency.js of base-driver

by python client and appium 1.20.2

  1. send request for create session.
  2. kill python process(for stop test) before responding from the server.
  3. then appium server die with
    [HTTP] Could not cache the response identified by ‘b65972b3-7cc2-4dfb-9f1d-a730107ec03c’, because it has not been completed
    [HTTP] Does the client terminate connections too early?

This is expected. The server has detected the fact that client connection has been unexpectedly terminated without waiting for a response.


So, can’t the Appium server be always turned on like a DB server?

Sorry, I don’t understand where such conclusion is coming from. Ofc it could (and should) be turned on

Appium server “DIE” after print that error messages.

Is it right?


I cannot say nothing without having the debug info. Are there any crash dumps or any other log types available?



Log(by appium “–log crash.log”)
crash.log (5.7 KB)


I cannot reproduce this issue, Make sure you don’t have any leftovers from previous versions before installing Appium

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It seems the same or similar to
Then, fixed it.
Please make sure your base-driver version is 7.4.1.

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Oh, that feature isn’t included in 1.20.2.
Server not die with [email protected]