Create a user once and run the entire scenarios using that data

I am currently using WDIO with cucumber.
I have created 3-4 feature files.
In one feature file I am creating a user using API and then I want to run other scenarios of other feature files but using the same user.
How should I achieve this ?
Also for before every session I want to create a user and start the testing from beginning.
create user → run scenarios using the same user and then only create another session.
I cant use
‘appium:noReset’: true,
because then it doesnt go the the first page.

Its better to perform registration/login before every test. And try to avoid using API in UI Automation framework.

In our mobile test automation setup, we’ve encountered scenarios with dependencies on previous ones, preventing us from adopting the suggested approach.
so I want one user to complete all the scenarios and once all the scenarios are executed then restart the app and a fresh start with new user.

Which testing framework are you using?

WebDriverIO + Cucumber