Create and run additional simulator "appiumTest - XXXXXX" for each test

Appium: 1.7.1.
xCode: 9.0
iOS simulator: 11.0

Issue is describe into title, but it is easier to reproduce it this way…

Using Appium GUI and next capabilities:
“platform”: “MAC”,
“platformName”: “iOS”,
“deviceName”: “iPhone 6”,
“automationName”: “XCUITest”,
“app”: “/SomeFolder/”,
“platformVersion”: “11.0”,
“showIosLog”: “true”

First launch of application from Appium GUI is correct:

  • simulator “iPhone 6” is started,
  • application is installed into this simulator,
  • all operation into Appium GUI are sending to this simulator.

Second launch is with issue (without manual stopped previous simulator):

  • new simulator “appiumTest - XXXXXXXXX” is created,
  • application is installed into new simulator,
  • all operation into Appium GUI are sending to PREVIOUS simulator.

Expected behavior: second land all next launches restart or are using previous simulator, new simulator is not created.
I understand that restarting or using the same simulator without restarting depends on capability “fullReset=true”

P.S.: third launch and so on - will create additional simulatorS. So, after 5 launches we will have one normal simulator and 4 simulators “appiumTest - XXXX1”, “appiumTest - XXXX2”, and so on.

Is this issue resolved?

This issue was resolved by updating XCode. Unfortunately, I don’t know another way to solve this problem.

Could you please tell me the versions where it found and then resolved?

I also had this issue and only saw it in XCode 9. It did not happen with XCode 8 and I don’t see it happening with XCode 10 either.