Current Issue with Appium 1.3.4 with Android on Mac

Hi All,

The previous bug is fixed in Appium 1.3.4 that was not clearing text but now its not showing any text which is typed inside the edit text field. So if i am trying to get the value of the edittext field so that i can get the typed value but i am getting error because not is getting set means any text for that field.

Attached log for reference. Please try to fix this .
In real trouble . Fix this issue.

Thanks in Advance
Nischal SinhaAppium_log.txt (170.3 KB)

Hi nischal:

Sounds like possibly the xpath changed for your field. Have you tried using arc and/or the Appium inspector to interrogate that field? You can try to find that fields if. Additionally having your devs use a strings.xml for your fields would help. You could find based on that

Hi Shermaneric,

Xpaths are correct its able to locate and send the text in edit text field but after sending the text nothing is visible in that text field. Inspected with Appium inspector.


I see what you’re saying now. Other than having access to the app or a screen recording, i won’t be much help. I’d work with your devs on the visibility issues of that field. Sorry I don’t have anything else.