Currest Gps Status in Android with Appium

How can i check current GPS status in my test, I want to know if it’s in use.

I don’t think you can do it with Appium. Try a system call to adb, like:

adb shell dumpsys location

Thank for the answer

Yes, this works.
when the application use gps i have:

Active Records by Provider:
UpdateRecord[gps application(10070) Request[ACCURACY_FINE gps requested=+30s0ms fastest=+30s0ms]]

if the gps is not in use:

Active Records by Provider:

is empty

adb shell dumpsys location

With this i have a log. I need to extract only this information from the log, How can I proceed?

I don’t know what language you are using, but assign the output of the adb system call to a variable and then parse the results (possibly with regex) to find the status.

I’m using Java, can you provide an example?

Here is a pretty good tutorial on Java System Calls:

And here is one on parsing a String in Java:

The example is parsing date/time, but that can be adapted to anything.