Data are still sent after turning on Airplane mode on Sauce Labs

Hi all,

I have an issue in executing a test case on Sauce Labs. The test case opens a hybrid app, loads a page in a web view, turns on airplane mode then tap a button on the web page to send a request. The logs look good and I have confirmed the airplane mode was successfully turned on. Surprisingly, the data were sent to the remote server even the present connection type is 1 (AIRPLANE_ON). I have also tried to add a 30-second delay before the next step, but it didn’t help.

The same test case never failed locally or even with a remote Appium server set up in our lab, no matter it was executed on a real device or an emulator. Besides, I have another test case which performs similar steps but turns on airplane mode before loading the web page and it always passes on Sauce Labs. I currently have no idea about what is possibly wrong. Any help will be appreciated.

Looks like the issue only happens to the 5.x emulators whose CPU is x86. If the emulator is armabi-v7a, then everything works as expected.