Debugging tests?

We have recently converted our testing from Calabash to Appium. There’s one thing we used to be able to do in Calabash that we can’t seem to do now.

Calabash has an environment variable that will leave the iOS Simulator running with a Calabash server that can receive requests from its command-line shell. This is very useful for debugging a test that is not working the way it is expected or is failing intermittently for unknown reasons. For example, the test runs, leaves the simulator running and it is possible to make Calabash queries and issue commands to the screen to see why our test did not do what it should be doing (maybe the expectations about the screen state were not correct).

Does Appium offer something similar? Or is there another way to go about test debugging in the Appium world?

Yes, it’s called the Appium Ruby Console. I recommend going through the appium bootcamp series.

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Also checkout binding.pry. It’s awesome for debugging.

Anything with respect to Java to get a console to debug … I recently moved from calabash to appium …

There’s an enhancement request for appium java.

Groovey works well. It’s a bit of effort to setup though and not officially supported via appium.