Desirable capabilities for application in Linux

I have a desktop application to automate on Linux desktop machine.
I am exploring appium using Python to automate it.
On Windows I know how to provide desirable capabilities.
But I am not finding any clue on how to pass desirable capabilities on Linux.
Could anyone help me with this ?

I have made all the settings in Linux.
I have installed Appium
I can start appium at port 4273
In my code following are the desirable capabilities I am giving :

import unittest
from appium import webdriver
from selenium.webdriver.common.action_chains import ActionChains
import time
desired_caps[“app”]= “Path to the application”
driver=webdriver.Remote(“”, desired_caps)

When I run the script , following error is thrown :

Original error: Could not find a driver for platformName ‘Linux’. Please check your desired capabilities

I have checked by giving desirable capability as LINUX , Linux , linux but everytime same error.
Could you please help me with this ?

Hi were you able to figure out how to set the desired capabilities for linux?