Desired capabilities App using a Volumes

Is it possible to use an IPA file from Windows machine to mac machine for installation of the app?

So, in my windows machine, I have a shared folder for IPA.
I already mounted this on my mac machine and able to go to the current folder.

So what I need is to use the IPA file in Appium for desired capabilities “app”

So here is my set up in Appium.

“automationName”: “XCUITest”,
“platformName”: “iOS”,
“platformVersion”: “12.1”,
“app”: “/Volumes/IPA/fileName.ipa”,
“deviceName”: “myPhone”,
“udid”: “auto”,
“bundleId”: “”,
“simpleIsVisibleCheck”: true

Can anyone help me regarding this? I am getting bad app.

Already fixed the problem. The problem was the ipa file. the file is corrupted. Thanks