[Desktop Appium 1.6.1] Impossible inspect Elements for Android 7.0 device

I have a project on next techniologies : java+appium+maven+TestNg.
I implemented autoests for android application for real device.
Everything worked fine before I changed device from samsung to Xiaomi (Android 4.1 changed to Android 7.0.) and updated Appium desktop to last one 1.6.1.
Driver can’t find element and when I’m trying to inspect elements by using appium-desktop-setup-1.6.1.exe - it even does’t show device’s monitor, only loader loading all time! If I change device to old one - everything works great.

Nothing was changed in application (only appropriate device’s name and Device Udid)

I set brakepoint on getting driver line and use Appium for inspecting (attach session )
but it doesn’t display monitor. see screenshot: https://www.screencast.com/t/R89wbeyvvP6log_Xiaomi.txt (23.8 KB)

Log file in attached files