Desktop browser tests possible

I have a number of iOS and Android tests - which drive a native application. So I know about the toolchain on those platforms. I want to use some of that same modeling to test desktop browsers like Chrome/Firefox/Edge(aka chromium)/Safari and others on desktop.

This is a separate web app I want to test, but want to re-use as far possible. Can Appium support different desktop browsers? Not seeing anything that clearly says it cannot, but no examples or pointers exist on how generally to install the needed drivers.

If you going to run tests in macOS or Windows in any browser = you can reuse your tests in pure selenium. No appium needed.

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Thanks Aleksei . I just wanted to confirm that is a good route. I’m using Python, not that that should matter.

So I’ll basically be writing a wrapper class with factory pattern, to spin up a selenium server or what-not instead. I’ve never used selenium, I am guessing the interface semantics for navigating, locating and clicking is roughly similar to Appium and to Chromedriver, which I have also used briefly?

Since I have modeled a lot of my test cases to make use of page-object-model on mobile, I want to carry on doing so and build new pages for my new web apps. I’ll be wanting to copy-paste some of my mobile test strategies into the new Selenium world to save time. Does that sound realistic?

I just use appium java client with annotations similar to selenium. So one element for ios/android/web is like:

@AndroidFindBy(id = "androidID")
@iOSFindBy(id = "iosID")
@FindBy(css = "css path")
private MobileElement someElement;
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Aha, yeah, I can definitely wrap my findby() and other methods nicely in Python too. I like what you did there Aleksei.

My current implementation is not very tidy already, so this sounds like what I was hopeing. My team will be coding in Java mostly, but I’m using Python for forseable future, so will carry on mentally translating.