Detect Whatsapp single check icon and double check icon

Hi everyone!

We are trying to use Appium to automate whatsapp Android application using java in order to evaluate if a text message is sent to a specific contact and if this text is also received.

To do that, our idea is to check when the single check icon appears, and when the double check icon appears in the screen.

Any idea?

Thank you in advanced

Are u able to detect single check icon,double check icon using uiautomatorviewer as an individual element ? If yes u can do it else not …

Hi, I am able to detect en ImageView element where the single check icon, double dheck icon is shown, but there is not information (description or text) that can be used to detect one of them.

can u share inspector screen ?

I am using UI Automator Viewer. Here you are an screenshot selecting the double check icon

Hi at4.dp.test,
I can see, id is present for “check icon” in above image. Why don’t you use that?? It may result in multiple elements as there are multiple “check icon” present so you can store it as List and always check for last element with timestamp eg 16:09 in above image.

Hope, it will resolve your issue. :smile:

@Abdul_Sathar_Beigh, i think he means to say single tick and double tick both share same ID… and there is no text in content-desc. so it is difficult to verify this, as per my opinion.

That´s the point @Priyank_Shah
I think it is not possible.