Difference in App page source on different machines

I have two Mac devices that I use to run tests. One is my development machine, the other is used as a server to run tests in an Azure pipeleine. I’m noticing a difference in the page source between two even though everything should be the same. One example is shown below when a calendar picker is displayed:

Screenshot from machine 1

Screenshot from machine 2

Note the difference in the way the name field of the date is shown. In one it is shown as ‘5 February’. In the other it is ‘February 5’. There are several other differences that I’ve noticed so far. I assume that there is something different about the two machines but everything I’ve checked so far is the same. I’ve checked the following:

  • Simulator is same phone and ios version - iPhone 15 pro with ios 7.0.2

  • Same version of Appium - version 2.0.1

  • Same version of XCUITest driver - version 4.35.0

  • Same version of MacOS - Sonoma 14.3

  • Same version of the app

  • Launches with the same capabilities

My question is can anyone think of anything else that could be different between the two machines that might cause this difference in the page source?

Looks like a ‘regional’ difference. Like if one of the Simulators is (for whatever reason) set to UK (thus, ‘5 February’) and one is set to US (thus ‘February 5’).

Best suggestion would be to use capabilities ‘locale’ and ‘language’ when starting Appium Client for your simulators. Whole discussion here:

NOTE: this only works on Simulators. Real device you have to configure manually.

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Yes looks like that is it. One was set to US and one to Australia. Thanks, I didn’t think to check that.