Differences in PageSource with using uiautomator vs uiautomator2

In my NativeApp user can login with using LinkedIn. I have problem with uiAutomator2 because it returns another PageSource. I can’t get any element from WebView. Below you can see comparison.
Can you give me an advice how to get email, password fields with uiAutomator2.


So with UiAutomator I can find and select each element from the page.


As you can see I receive webkit.WebView and nothing else. No elements.

How can I find all elements on this page with uiAutomator2?
Thank you.


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Thank you Mykola for fast answer.
All works!

But do we have any ability to switch for WebView in Appium Inspector like on screenshots?

No, the inspector is only useful with native context. Use Chrome remote debugger to inspect web views